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Trophy Whitetail Deer hunting, Axis Deer hunting and other Exotic Deer hunting on a beautiful property in the Texas Hill Country in Hunt, Texas

Rio Grande Turkey

Rio Grande Wild Turkey

Rio Grande Wild Turkey


Tracy Breen wrote this interesting article on bow hunting the Rio Grande wild turkey for the National Wild Turkey Federation.  The challenge of getting into bow range for any animal can make the hunt that much more exciting.  

At Texana Springs, we have different blinds to make your hunting more successful.  When possible, we have sneak trails leading to our blinds.  We use natural materials to help camouflage your hiding place while you wait for the animals to make their move. Paul and Jerry cultivate the habitat throughout the year, not only for sustaining abundant wildlife, but for maintaining the natural aesthetic of the Texas Hill Country.   

Find a big Rio Grande Turkey Gobbler strutting his stuff out on our Texas Hill Country hunting ranch.  Our guides will position you in a desirable location to hunt these beautiful Texas birds.

Are you working on your Grand Slam?  The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) describes a "slam" as one of the biggest feats in turkey hunting!  The Rio Grande Turkey is one of the four species needed to complete a Grand Slam.  The NWTF ranks our area as "Excellent" for a Spring Wild Turkey hunt on their spring hunt guide

Texas Hill Country Rio Grande Turkey Gobblers 

Texas Hill Country Rio Grande Turkey Gobblers 

The Rio Grande wild turkey likes to forage on grasses, insects, seeds, forbs, acorns, and nuts.  Their need for water keeps these curious birds coming back to our spring fed abundant water source.  They happily roost in some of our large live oaks, hackberries and elms.  Practice your turkey call now so you'll be ready for the first signs of spring!